Malaysian Sericite Mine, Japanese Technology, Outstanding Value

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Malaysian Sericite Mica


Malaysia mined sericite is a natural fine grained mineral belonging to the mica group. This unique Malaysian sericite has excellent smoothness with a very fine particle size. It has been widely used in colour cosmetic products ranging from compact foundation to lipsticks by major leading brands in the cosmetics industry over the last 15 years.

Why Sericite?

  • Improves smoothness and adhesion to the skin so that make up can be worn longer without flaking and creasing
  • Gives consistency to colours with its relative transparency, making it applicable to all shades
  • Adds a soft translucent sheen to the final product
  • EyeshadowFoundation
    SericiteFoundation Types

Scanning Elctron Microscope Pictures

  • Large Aspect Ratio
  • Smooth Surface
  • Very fine powder

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